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CANA® Car Cream is specially designed for the care and maintenance of all car finishes including chrome and fiberglass surfaces. CANA® Car Cream is different from all other polishes as it creates a durable, gloss, waterproof, corrosion resistant "Lustre X” film with long-lasting protection. CANA® Car Cream delivers brilliant depth to all colors and provides a deep gloss finish with extended protection. CANA® Car Cream is easy to apply and the most economical. A little goes a long way. CANA® Vinyl Leather Care is the leather conditioner with Ultra Violet ray protection. Use CANA® Vinyl Leather Care to make leather highly resistant to harmful Ultra Violet rays that can cause fading, aging and drying out. CANA® Vinyl Leather Care contains many high quality ingredients and a non-foaming cleanser which works without harmful detergent. It is effective in cleaning and preserving the finish. Stains and fouls will be well come out and splendid gloss is kept for a long time.
CANA® Liquid Wax Car Polish, a cleaner and glaze in one easy operation, is safe for all finishes. CANA® Liquid Wax Car Polish is a blend of fine waxes and high-grade silicone fluid.
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Exglo Chemical Co.,Ltd. 31/236 Sukhumvit 103, Nongbon Prawet, Bangkok 10250, Thailand We welcome your inquiries or comments anytime.
Exglo Chemical co.,Ltd. is a progressive company established in 1965 and is engaged in the production of high quality car care products under the brand name "CANA®". The company manufactures and markets nationwide to the leading discount retailers and automotive supply chains and exports to more than 20 countries in Asia, Europe, Americas, and the Middle East. The company also provides custom services for OEM products.

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